American Grit MMA Definitions

Welcome to our website definitions page. Feel free to come back to this page from time to time as we will be adding more definitions to help you better understand our always improving new website.


WOD -  The 'WOD' is the 'workout of the day.' Each day American Grit MMA will provide a new WOD and post it on our 'Workout Blog' page. This is part of our complete program designed to improve strength, conditioning and MMA technique.


Rx & Rx'd - Just as a doctor prescribes medication, your American Grit MMA coaches may prescribe for you a 'daily' workout. Depending on your level of training, this workout may or may not be attainable at the time prescribe and that is okay!

At the end of the class, you and your trainer should know if you completed today's workout. Although it's not necessary, we recommend that you log into our website and let us know and let you know if you 'Rx'd' workout or 'as prescribed'. Click here to see our Workout Blog page and simply check off the 'Rx' radio button if you completed the workout. If you had problems completing the workout feel free to note the issues in the section we provided for you.

This is a wonderful tool for tracking your progress.